Friday, April 30, 2010

Sexy Swing Set

Nothing about playing with Baby Boy on his new swing set today made me feel skinny or graceful.

The swings, though they appear to be regular adult(ish) size, close like a plastic Venus-fly trap around the thighs causing near fainting spells from the lack of blood flow.

As you can see from the photo, the slide is made for an 8-inch bum. However, Baby Boy refused to try it unless I did first and that opened a Pandora's Box of "More mama slide!!" and schreeches if I said NOOOOOOO MORE!

The slide also is a "wave-style" so there is a bump in the middle. Not only were my thighs smooshed but now I have bruises on the sit-bones.

ATTENTION SPANX PEOPLE: you need to invent a Playground version of your product that slim the saddlebags to fit a standard youth slide but also pads the bum for landings.

I can't wait for Darling Husband's turn to night. Ten bucks he gets stuck at the top.

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