Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sexy Word of the Day

I love words. In my drive toward having an amazingly verbal son (who at this point only says about 10 words and they all sound the same as in "Gark!" "Yes, Buddy! That IS an orange car!") I like giving him alternate words. So, if I say "happy" I follow up with, "gleeful is another word for happy" etc.

This morning when he was brushing his teeth atop his favorite blue STOOL, for some reason I blurted out, "Stool is another word for poop."

And that got his attention.

All day long he would point to every chair, bench whatever one could sit upon and proudly yell, "POOP!"

My husband kept asking me why I thought he was doing that, but I played dumb. (Dense, dim-witted, doltish, dull, feebleminded, moronic, get the drift.)

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