Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sexy Birthday Meltdown

Baby Boy turns TWO today. I have been in denial since his party is a couple weeks away, thus retarding his leap into the so -called Terribles.

I was at Whole Foods earlier today when I felt a soft pat on the back of my hair. I turned to see a 4-month old turned out in a Baby Bjorn staring up at me. We locked eyes and he immediately smiled and kicked his feet in glee.

The only time Baby Boy stares at me is when I wrap blankets over my face and pretend I am a ghost. The only time he kicks is when he is throwing himself on the floor screaming because I won't let him play with the Forbidden Kitchen for another 2 hours.

This fact that my Baby is no longer a baby hit me like ice. I burst into tears as I grasped ahold of the little boy's hand.

His mother, rightly horrified, backed away knocking over a display of wipes. I fled before she could report the crazy lady who was trying to steal her child.

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