Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sexy Birthday Observation Part 2

My son is two today. Darling Husband left me a message that he wanted me to pick him up a lacrosse set for his present. Keeping in mind the child can barely use a spoon, I don't think high-level sporting goods are the appropriate choice--but I can't tell him that. So, I said Target was all sold out.

"Must be a really popular gift for Toddlers, honey."

Then I get a call from my father saying the found the perfect gift.

"It is this Hummer-type vehicle that he can ride on. It goes over mounds of rocks and ice and even up walls!"

"Dad, what is the age recommendation on the box?"

"Box? Hell this thing can't fit in a box!"

Why is it men want little boys to act like they are all grown up and want their women to dress like we are teenagers?

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