Monday, May 10, 2010

Sexy Mother's Day

AH. Mother's Day--the one day when we get breakfast in bed and a free pass t0 not cook, clean or brush our teeth (although when Monday comes and we have to clean everything up, we wonder if it was worth it).

Darling Husband and Uncle Andoo took my whole family out to a lovely brunch. About 8-minutes in, Baby Boy wanted no part of the seersucker pants and tiny muffins. Realizing it was my turn to let him run around (even though I was in heel and a short dress), I walked him outside (keep in mind it was in the 40's with gale force winds--ask me how my hair looked).

In the courtyard was a gaggle of dolled-up moms with fussing toddlers. They glared at their coffee-sipping husbands through the window: one was on his Blackberry, one was flirting with the cute waitress and one was actually filling out his wife's Mother's Day card.

The wind picked up and blew bits of sand and gravel into our eyes. We looked like the "before"
mom in the Suave commercial.

"It always seems like a good idea," I sigh pointing to the children who were now dirty, hungry for something not smothered in Hollandaise and flipping over potted plants.

I saw in the fellow Mom's eyes that they were holding on to the last scrap of calmness in hopes that when they got home there would be diamonds, flowers or at the very least, a card that was filled out prior to leaving that morning.


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