Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sexy Outdoor Eats

There is a man who owes Darling Husband some money for work he had done. He doesn't have the cash, but offered to do any stonework for us as a trade. Our house came with stone paths and walls already, but I wasn't about to let a chance for free stone anything slip away.

I had a great brainstorm that we can have him upgrade the sad fire pit and build a patio with a...wait for it....OUTDOOR KITCHEN!!

Unfortunately, what my vision of an outdoor kitchen (see above left) and Darling Husband's vision (see above center) are vastly askew.

I fear even meeting in the middle won't satisfy my now NEED to be able to make outdoor omlettes and frappes...(see bottom).

When I complained that we at least needed a way to keep beer down there, he sent the picture of the grill made out of...wait for it...a keg.

Oh, boys.

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