Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sexy Back Up Baaas

My son has become attached--obessed, rather-- with this soft washcloth thing with a lamb's head (yes, the same one he smooshed in the poo last week that he calls BA.

It occurred, to me as he screamed and cried this morning until we found BA shoved in the dishwasher, that if we ever lost BA for good, then he may never smile, sleep or eat again.

We didn't buy BA originally, so it took a lot of Googling to find Back Up BA's. Three to be exact.

The package of new BA's just came. They are so soft. So clean. So new. As I was contemplating the issue of sneakily swapping in the new BA's to the rotation so they get equal wear and tear, Baby Boy appered.

His eyes lit up and he realized BA had become quadruplets.

Now I am going to have to buy 16 BA's in the worst-case scenario that the quads get misplaced. Or we can start a reality show a la Jon and Kate: Baby Boy, Ma, Pa and BAAAAAAAA.

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  1. My child loves her Taggie blanket so much, it has its own FB page:!/pages/Taggie-the-Blanket/113411638690506?ref=ts

    Enjoyed your blog! I found you on Mommy Bloggers, btw.