Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sexy Pop Goes the Weasel

My BFF and I went to see Sex and the City Numero Dos on Fri--this has been the fabulous highlight of my year.

We got there 30-minutes early to nab the front row center seats with the bar upon which we rest our (perhaps inappropriate for the early show? Nah!) high-heeled, mini-skirted, spray tanned, freshly waxed legs. We put more effort into getting ready for Carrie than we do for our husbands.

We snuck in three splits of Perrier Jouet La Fleur champagne. Halfway during the movie, BFF is attempting to open the third without attracting attention of the surrounding audience.

POP!!!! It was as loud as the toasting pop at a wedding.

I scream from shock (and the cold fizz that is penetrating my white, linen skirt).

Everyone around us turns to stare in disgust ( I think jealously) as the two of us collapse in a fit of laughter, tears and pee.

The best part? After the cork shot up about 8-feet in the air, it landed right back in her lap. And there goes the evidence...

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