Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sexy Subliminal Messages

I know this will shock you (since now that I have my flat(ish) tummy back) but I really want another baby.

Darling Husband does not.

We have started this tit-for-tat game.

(Me) "Aw, look he just kissed you all by himself! Wouldn't that feel even better if you had a daughter kissing you on the other side?"

(Him) "Then I would have spaghetti sauce on BOTH sleeves of my favorite white linen shirt."

The other night we had people over for dinner. I told them that at various times throughout the evening to softly say in the vicinity of DH, "You want another baby." And then carry on with their conversation.

As in...

"The weather has been so (you want another baby) humid lately. My hair is a mess."

This subliminal messaging went brilliantly--until the next morning.

DH: "Last night was fun but I think I drank too much. It was weird, I kept getting this uncontrollable urge to have another brandy."

Point taken.


  1. I know it's hard to communicate this... Hahaha, I just bought some Generic Viagra and put it over my husbands desktop... He was so happy with the "present" that he decided to pay me back ;)

  2. well what is more subliminal that a good whiskey drink served by your wife in the night, in my case this is always the sign, my wife served me a drink and later Generic Viagra, this is like to push the start bottom in my engine.