Friday, June 4, 2010

Sexy Land Line

We are archaic and still use a landline. A few months ago I found receiver #1 floating in the toilet and yesterday Receiver #2 found a similar watery fate in the dog dish. We cannot go "all cell" in our house because our woodsy locale makes reception impossible--save for one tiny square by the back door, but I don't think impending rapists and robbers would give us the respect to at least attempt to get into "reception position" and call 911.

Off to Radio Shack.

Out of all the phones, the only option was a slim, sleek and sexy vtech (same company that makes Leap Frog!) with THREE handsets.

I let Baby Boy play away with the model as I fetched the salesman.

When the salesman came back he told me the floor model was all that was left so we would have to buy that. Out of the corner of my eye I saw BB simultaneously licking one handset and banging another on the shelf.

Granted that would happen at home anyway, but I wanted the dignity of at least leaving the store without a molested item.

"I really think that is the one you have to, I mean, should buy," was his polite sales pitch as receiver #3 hit me in the leg.

Who put those where toddlers can reach them anyway??

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  1. Let's hope he was the first to lick it. Eeew. :)