Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UnSexy Snack of the Day case I needed reassurance as to why I don't eat meat:

There is an "underground" snack craze sweeping McDonald's Nation. It is called the Mc10:35.
This is the magical time when breakfast and lunch coincide in fast food heaven. Someone (with no job, life or knowledge of monosaturated fats) discovered you can order the last of the Egg Canadian Ham McMuffins at 10:34 then order the McDouble right after, since lunch starts at 10:35.

Then you throw away (actually they probably don't throw it away rather layering it with hashbrown and M and M McFlurry) one part of the English muffin and slam the McMuffin face down on the McDouble.

I seriously just vommed in my mouth--actually that's probably healthier than eating this.


  1. Healthier, but certainly not happier.

    Trust me, the world would be a better place if things like the Mc10:35 didn't have to be driven underground and talked about only on the back channels of the internet. Sure, we have the KFC Double Down and now Friendly's has tested the waters with their newest masterpiece: the Grilled Cheese Burger Melt, but what happened to all of our childhood dreams? These were the things that kept us going as children. 'When I grow up I'm going to say to hell with my mother and take two grilled cheese sandwiches and put a god damn cheese burger in the middle.' THAT was living. Now look at us, blogging about the ills of fun. I, for one, am ashamed, so, I'll keep dreaming. I smell a Crowned 11:01: One whopper put in between a sausage croissanwhich. See you on the operating table.

  2. and then I'll buy one for my nephew...

  3. love it, DGA! that made me laugh so hard...