Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sexy Blood Work

This is the third time I have had a "fasting lab" scheduled. Basically, they starve you so they can check your cholesterol.

The first time, I honestly forgot and ate a full breakfast.

The second time I was quite aware due to the "DO NOT EAT YES THAT MEANS COFFEE, TOO" post-its all over the kitchen. However, I had to made cupcakes for a birthday that morning and rescheduling was worth eating a whole bowl of frosting. Frosting isn't technically food, but I thought the saturated fat ratio would most definitely skew the results.

I was fully prepared for this morning's lab. Like a marathon runner, I ate a massive amount of pasta last night right before bed. This backfired on many levels. Now I have been up since 4am, forbidden to touch coffee and no joke, had to make cookies and brownies for a meeting at my husband's office.

I am staring at two bowls just asking to be licked. I feel like a 12-year old boy at a Hooter's.

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