Friday, June 11, 2010

Sexy Scandalous Stroller.

The Forbidden Kitchen ( now has a friend: Gigi and her Scandalous Stroller.

A few weeks ago I asked Baby Boy what he wanted for dinner.

"Fish and pea!"

"A baby doll??!!" I screech.

"Noooo, mama. Fish and..."

Too late. I was on Amazon ordering the pinkest baby doll and stroller I could find. (You don't need to assume I am filling my own selfish void here, I readily admit that.)

It arrived today.

"Who is that for," queried Darling Husband as I ripped open the pink box.

"Look Babes! Your sister came!" I thrust the doll at BB.

"Ooooooh," he said as he jammed a finger into the glass eyes.

After arguing over who was going to put together the stroller (the instructions were in French and they don't teach you stroller instructions in French class--maybe they do but I was pretty stoned through most of college), I ended up faking my way through it.

We watched BB for almost an hour play with Gigi.

"This is the best sixty bucks we ever spent," I happily sighed.

"Wait, HOW much did you spend on that?"

Don't you wish you could treat pending fights like a bad cell phone?

"Ooops, wait. I'm losing you...heading into a dead zone..."


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