Monday, June 7, 2010

Sexy Random Toddler Observations of the Day

1) You never realize how many trucks and busses are on the roads until you have a two-year old boy.

1b) The amount of sharp, plastic, cars he MUST sleep with has far surpassed the number of soft, cuddley lambs.

2) Should you ever tell said two-year old boy that Daddy left the room to go poop, every single person in any situation who leaves a room after that is (at top of the lungs) "GO POOP!"

3) Said two-year old won't even let me think about snuggle-time, but will catch me off guard with a pat on the back and a "Momma my buddeeee."

4) Never make the mistake (again) of telling said toddler "Nana is up in the sky in a plane." I am still cleaning up of the confusion of him saying "Nana up" and everyone thinking she died.

5) I think I run 28-miles a day chasing him when he escapes up the driveway or down to the lake. So much for saying I will never run a marathon.

6) Even when said two-year old is having a no-good-horrible-very-bad-day, you still think they are pretty damn cool.

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