Monday, May 24, 2010

Sexy Lost...or not

I feel like we spent so much time analyzing the whats, wheres and so forth (for SIX YEARS) about the island, memorizing clues, taking notes of what books were on the shelves and what records the Darhma folk listen to and for what? We were searching for tidbits that would crack open this giant case of pressing magical buttons and time travel and underwater habitation and polar bears...the couples got back together in heaven so they could...move on?

(Moving on without Michael and Walt--who presumably had aged too much by the time the finale was shot, or Heaven is racist--and ignoring the 4 year love fest between Kate and Sawyer. And the whole Aaron thing was left up in the air...? What was up with the "rules" of the island that were alluded to all the time but never explained--like why the Man in Black couldn't kill Jacob. WHy could Ben summon the smoke monster from his closet? Why wasn't Alex in Heaven? They dropped the whole Ben/Widmore saga...We could go on and on...)

"If this show's whole point was these people meeting, going through some freaky shit together, dying, and then hanging out and being groovy in the great unknown for eternity, then I guess the finale is a rousing success. But then, 80% of the show's run is superfluous. Chekov's Gun is one of the most basic tenets of story-telling, and these guys could not have fucked it up more. We had all sorts of shit stuffed into the first act, the second act, and the third, and they went nowhere." (said by my brother)

It feels like the original writers had this amazing thing going on, which had people talking of nothing else for years then died before they finished writing so the network hired some freelancer to tie it all up to make room for How I Met Your Mother reruns.

It feels empty and unresolved. It is akin to being wined, dined, teased as to what the night holds--then having your date run out on the check.

Yes, we know how the characters all ended up, but who really cares? They were never the driving force of the show--it was always the Island, and they left her fate unanswered.
The writers admit they "made mistakes" but don't regret them because "it made the show better." If by "better" they mean finding an easy and convenient ending that would at least sate the LCD of viewers, then well done.

If by "better" they mean it gives them the opportunity to make a 2-hour movie to be released next year that may leak more answers to the tune of several millions of dollars, then well-done again.
"The island needs us...we need the island..." Poor island. Left behind, alone at the bottom of the ocean pissed off that it didn't kill Jack in season 2.

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