Thursday, October 22, 2009

Arouse the Senses...all 8 of them

In Kindergarten, the whole year is spent smelling (some awful things no doubt), feeling (after a lesson on "above the waist only, dear), tasting (oooh, not off the floor!!) etc. After we are 5, it seems we spend less time on percolating the senses and that is a shame, because when they are all firing, we get some lovely responses. 
When we are dating, or in lust with someone, we also spend more time activating our sensual beings: the sun shines more brightly, music has more meaning, everything tastes better...It is a sad thing to let lapse, so today's Sexy Naptime is to spend 15 minutes getting back in touch with at least 3 senses at once. 
For my listening pleasure, I am going to play Love and Liberte by the Gipsy Kings. This so is so sexy. I can actually feel the hands of a Spanish lover on me as we tango...of, course I am also an amazing dancer in this fantasy. 
While I am being lured across the dance floor, I am enjoying a cup of Tulsi's Rose Tea. Yes, I am that coordinated. How is drinking the light essence of a rose not one of the most romantic things you can enjoy on a misty afternoon? I know there is a Zen rule: When drinking tea, just drink tea...but for my purpose, you can expand your horizons and multi-task. 
For my third component, I am wearing this incredible purple boa-esque scarf that I treated myself to from Neiman's. When my son had it draped over his shoulders, it seemed almost pimpish, but alone it is thousands of tickely fingers around my neck. 
Fifteen minutes, that's all it takes to reconnect with those sensual beings we have buried and neglected for mopping and laundry...enjoy.

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