Sunday, October 4, 2009

McDreamy Rides Again

The (Patrick) Dempsey Challenge Century Bike Race is today; how could it not be a sexy day? The race course goes right by my house; we are the most challenging hill in the entire 100-mile ride. The gun went off at 8, and not sure how to calculate how fast it would take bikers to make it to mile 22, I stood in the road with Baby Boy in his stroller for a Very. Long. Time. waiting to see all the hot, sweaty bikers become distracted by my new push up bra (I don't have anything to push up anymore after breast feeding, but we will save that for another day). 
I saw 2. Women.  That's it. I don't know if I was early or late, but it was a waste of lipgloss. 
However, I was able to swirl a sexy nap time nonetheless. When in doubt of what to do to make you feel sexy: clean and bake. It sounds so anti-feminist, but I feel so beautiful when I pull out giant chocolate cuppies and admire my reflection in my polished granite counters. 
Did I mention I do this naked?
Ah, now you see where I am going. Seinfeld had an episode where he admonished his GF for vacuuming and opening pickle jars naked and he is right, that is BAD naked. Good naked is all about making the house smell like a bakery. And it is a great way to keep your husband in the house rather than heading off to the game. 
Having a toddler is like having a giant magnifying glass over the cleanliness of the house. When you crawl after them, not only to you see their cute bums wiggle, but all the clumps of hair, mulch, popcorn and nail clippings living in the tent city under the radiator. When those sneaky little muffins hide the cell phone under the couch cushion, you become painfully aware of the microcosm of Cheerios and Cheddar Bunnies mating like they need to repopulate the Earth. 
The first part of nap time was devoted to cleaning up that horror. But before I started, I dumped a box of cinnamon raisin mix into the bread maker. If you don't have one of these, they are worth every dime. ( I got my brand new Sunbeam at Goodwill for $30!!) For 15 seconds worth of opening a box and turning it upside down, you not only make the house smell fabulous but get amazing bread. 
Baby Boy is awake...guess the screams of vacuumed Cheddar Bunnies woke him up. 

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