Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flushing out the Period Panties

No matter how sexy the Victoria's Secret models look wearing giant cotton panties, the truth is very few of us can carry that look off. They are like the sushi of panties--better left to the pros. Yet, over the past few years, those horrible square items have smothered my Hanky Pankys and have become the default garment much to the dismay of, well, everyone.  
Most girls have a few hidden pairs of worn, shabby underpants they reserve for "that time of the month." After a good long bleach bath, they are hidden from god until the next time of the month. But to let them overtake the lingerie drawer is a tragic state that I have let happen. 
So today's Sexy Naptime tip is to pick out a few pairs to save for the dark days and burn the rest. 
Massive Grannie panty lines is something no one deserves to be forced to look at. Should we feel the need to get tons of "suck it in" coverage, that is why Spanx were invented...also something never to be caught walking around the house in! Your lover will move into the guest room after that visual. 

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