Friday, October 23, 2009

G2GUL Friday!

Annnnnnd it is Guaranteed to Get U Laid Friday! The best day of the week because...well, it works! 
We always include some sexy recipe to make for your lover but we are also going to start The Un-Sexy Tip of the Week segment on Fridays. 
TODAY'S UNSEXY TIP OF THE WEEK: Talking about or eating in public any sort of yogurt whose main goal is to make you go poop is NOT sexy!!

Very Sexy Cocktail

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5 Cool Cocktails


1-1/2 oz. Belvedere Cytrus Vodka 
3/4-oz. Marie Brizard Cassis de Bordeaux 
1-1/2 oz. fresh lemon sour 
Moet White Star Champagne 
marinated wild berries


  1. Marinate raspberries and blackberries for 6 hours in superfine sugar and Grand Marnier. 
  2. Make simple syrup by dissolving an equal amount of granulated sugar in boiling water (i.e., 2 cups sugar dissolved in 2 cups boiling water) and then allow to cool. Store in a clean bottle in a cool place.
  3. To make fresh lemon sour simply mix 2 parts fresh, filtered lemon juice with 1 part simple syrup. Add a teaspoon of egg white to each drink for a creamy head. 
  4. Place cocktail glasses in the freezer to chill (this can also be accomplished by filling them with ice and water). 
  5. In a 16 oz. mixing glass add fresh lemon sour, Cassis and Belvedere Cytrus. Add ice and shake until well blended. 
  6. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass with marinated berries, top with 1/2-oz. chilled Champagne.

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  1. I always CRINGE when I see dear Jamie Lee hocking 'the poop yogurt' during my episodes of Little House. I mean really, eat some raisins or something... anything but that. You might as well add some douche, tampons, an enema, and a pregnancy test to your shopping cart and call it a day!